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Nicola Virnicchi

Nicola Virnicchi is a disc jockey music producer and sound engineer born in Southern Italy in 1981. At the age of thirteen he started playing in different small clubs in his hometown until the first debut in the most exclusive one  " East Side”. Because of his unique underground style he became a resident DJ at the Alibi and soon after at the Qube in Rome.

In recent years he played on many consoles on the Adriatic coast (Prince of Riccione, in collaboration with Pacha Ibiza), in Salento (Parco Gondar) and finally he joined
one of the most important international electronic festivals in South of Italy, known as FLUSSI with his music.

In 2011 he co-founded the Party Label Dislike in Italy’s underground club scene where he collaborated with many international DJ’s.

In 2013 he created the live techno project Subion with PRG/M and released Eliogabalo, a vinyl labeled by BLACKWATER, which quickly got resonance and success in the techno environment.

After a creative break with a lot of traveling, music research and festivals I’m back with new inspiration and creativity to provide you straight, uncompressing Techno

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